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Corporate Chattisgarh is one of the best corporate news magazine promoted by G-Nine publications. The Promoters have made a remarkable contribution to the field of media and allied areas. The promoters of Corporate CG have consistently delivered best quality services to the various stakeholders.

The corporate news magazine has been covering various areas of corporate life and allied sectors. This has made corporate CG one of the hottest favourites among the corporate houses, advertisers and media professionals.

Corporate Chattisgarh has aimed and has been delivering the best quality content and quality to maximize the value to the reader and by providing them valuable insight in the various areas of critical importance to the corporate world.

We understand the power of the sentence "Information is Power".

The Corporate news Magazine has been one of the maiden ventures of G-Nine publications. It is coming up with many more secor specific news magazines in the areas of power, steel and electricity.

Corporate CG has been ranked among some of the best corporate news magazine consistently. The quality of content delivered by us is superb and we consistently strive to deliver best quality in line with global benchmarks.


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